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Telephone+7 (83147) 2-04-12
Address Нижегородская область, г. Арзамас, ул. 50 лет ВЛКСМ, д. 16 .
Serves routesBus 1Bus 10Bus 10АBus 11Bus 12Bus 14Bus 14АBus 2Bus 3Bus 4Bus 5Bus 6Bus 7Bus 8Bus 9Intercity 103Intercity 104Intercity 105Intercity 107Intercity 110Intercity 113Intercity 118Intercity 119Intercity 120Intercity 121Intercity 122Intercity 123Intercity 124Intercity 125Intercity 126Intercity 127Intercity 129Intercity 138Intercity 142Intercity 143Intercity 148Intercity 149Intercity 151Intercity 622
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